A Year Together

Poems of Love


So far, our forever,

Is one year old, today,

And to you, my Love,

I have this, to say:

Its been a year of love,

Of laughter, even tears.

Of learning each's dreams-

Our hopes, and our fears.

A year of hugs and cuddles,

And the sweetest of kisses.

Of whispering to you secrets,

And all my deepest wishes.


In you, have I discovered,

The missing half, of my heart.

I've found my one true love,

From whom I'll never part.


This is only year one,

Of the rest of our lives,

And how we'll show the world,

That our true love...survives.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

To The Love of My Life...Gary <3 

I Love You!!!

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PudinsHeart1's picture

true love

True love is awesome. I found mine 9 years ago this month. You sound like you have it. This is a beautiful poem.