Cold and Dead


Will they even ever think of me,

when I am cold and dead?

Or will I be overlooked, yet again,

when the life from me, has fled?


Shall I one day be, a memory,

that they will someday miss?

Or will in death, I'll be, just like in life,

-not even worth their reminisce?


I'm use to being so ignored,

and even less, a passing thought.

But I fear that, my total life,

will simply have been, for naught.


At least in death, I won't feel the pain,

that life has given me, to such extent.

And at least when I am cold and dead,

I won't feel this life's torment.









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Burrrrrrrrrrrr'.....I wrote something similar.."Is an Angel Calling"..........But I'm 10 years not as young as you...lolTongue Out