My daughter on my lap

My daughter like an angel

"My daughter like an angel, on my lap

Soothing my heart.

My breath wishes to plant a kiss

On your hair

Like a touch of breeze.


My treasure you are

Bathed in holy water

A sparkling gem you are

Enveloped in silence

And I blossomed, embracing you.


I'll beautify your eyes with my love

I'll fill your rosy cheeks

With my sweet kisses

I'll carve a lovely picture

Of your smile

Deep inside my heart.


You fill my life

Like the sweet river

Of tender  coconut water

I'll make a bower of rainbows

In your ever joyous mind


My daughter like an angel, on my lap

Soothing my heart.

I wrote stories

About your shy eyes

On a paper of dreams.


When the days and nights

Were feverish

I guarded you

You refused to sleep

In my absence.


I can't bear to remember

Your tearful face

On the first day of school

Those tears filled with pain

Made me miserable

Yet you always aimed at the stars.


From the day you were born

A rose plant began to rise

In our garden; To me

It symbolized the fact that

We will always be together.


My daughter like an angel, on my lap

Soothing my heart.

How could I brush aside

The changes in you

Perhaps I trusted you a lot.


With seasons bringing changes

To your mind and body

I felt a burn in my heart

The flames rose up

 And tore me apart leaving me in pain


Those playful lips of yours

Which demanded my love and care

No longer existed

Every petal of the rose flower

Slowly fell down

Gradually the plant was no more.


You started to fly

From the world of my care

To the world of your dreams

Like in a valley where the white clouds dissolved

And formed dark clouds.


My daughter like an angel, on my lap….??"











Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a poem which tells a true story (not mine but my neighbour's).

I hope you guys will like it.Smile

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and_hera_met_zeus's picture

wow!!! so sweet!  you're

wow!!! so sweet!  you're really good!!! you had me completely convinced it was your daughter.  also, this might make a good song as well as a good poem :)

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We Guys Like It

I kept falling into a child's eyes - nice and from the heart/mind/soul.


Just bein' Stella.






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Well glad you liked it!!

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Oh glad you guys liked it..

Glad you guys liked it..