Hurting (For Paris)

She sits alone,


Staring at the phone,

Tears streaming down her face,

The pain in her heart like a bleeding wound,

Thoughts rushing through her mind,

The hurt and anger welling up inside,

Betrayed by the look of sadness on her face,

Her eyes, full of love,

For him, but,

He hurt her, badly,

Can she forgive,

Take him back,


Closing her eyes,

Shutting out the memories,

Of his face,

His voice,

Fists clenching,

A silent scream,


She's over him now.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For  Paris. Hope this helps you.

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thinkpretty's picture

That was very moving! Thanks for the link, you are a wonderful writer.

PAris's picture

this means soooo much to me cate...thank u so beautifully written....this helps............