Giving In To pleasure

It sits, alone,

Motionless yet silently tempting you,

A large brown mass,

Solid yet soft,

Warm and gooey,

Its creamy white covering dripping down the sides,

Small crunchy droplets of colour adorning its surface,

You know you want to,

"Take me" It whispers seductively,

You try to resist,

But to no avail,

Eventually you succumb to the pleasure it gives you,

Taking a knife, you pierce its heart,

Making it ooze even more,

You slide the knife down its whole form,

Slicing a wedge,

Raising it to your mouth you finally taste the exotic pleasures,

Wiping crumbs from yourself,


Chocolate Cake has never tasted so good...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hungry anyone?! PS. I don't even like chocolate cake! haha

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Jet's picture

Hay - i really love this poem, and cake. i loved some of your other ones as well like Autum Leaves, but i though t this one deserved to be critqued. You said you write alot. Id love to read more stuff if you havent got it posted on here. bye.