You remind me

Your face I've seen you before.
Somewhere, I cant quite put my finger on it.
A familiar face
its so nice to see.
i've been lost in this sea of insanity for so long
I forgot who you where...
I hope you haven't forgot me.
You remind me of someone.
SomeoneIi once knew,
but has fled away from me...
or did i flee from you?
like a scared child.
You remind me...
of a childhood friend.
someone I was close to you...
could it be you?
I don't know...
cause i forgot who you were....
if we have meet before,
I hope you haven't forgotten me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

came up with this right on the spot :P
comment if you please :)

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I like this one... amazing

I like this one... amazing that you came up with it right on the spot.

Post Tenebras Spero Lucem

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more than half of them I come

more than half of them I come up with on the spot. and if you want me to, I can name some :P