Music my slave

This is how I feel

I love music
Not because it's pretty
that's just a plus
but because it's the only thing in my life
i have full control over
I can change it however i want
whenever i want
I can change the mood or the tone
I can control hardness and softness
because i am it's creator
music can't hurt me
music can't talk back to me
in a way i don't want it to
It can't gossip about me
but when i play
i can talk to someone
without opening my mouth
i always have the right thing to say
if i play it for you with my hands
because i am the master
it has to do what i say
no ifs, ands, or buts
its has no say
so it might as well be my slave

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Seraphim's picture

Music is beautiful....

Music is beautiful.... especially when you play it. All the same, I always feel as if my music is a love-labor instead of a slave; but we're all entitled to our different views. I enjoy this poem. :D

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