Flashback #2 (story, not poem)

Games in the mind

i remember....
...........so clearly.....

My face covered in blood. My own blood. i had open slits on my thighs. my face. my shoulders. my stomache...my feet. my hands. my sides. Everywhere...and with what?...my pointed nails. i've been clean since the second day of camp last year. eight months and counting. i cut myself at the waterfall...logan just sat there and watched me, he didn't try to stop me. he just watched as blood flowed down my hand. watched. thank god, most of my scars aren't visible. they're quite unoticable unless i point them out to you. i carved a heart into my upper left arm, but i don't think its there anymore....
all i ever wanted was for someone to think i'm not worthless. for someone to accept me for who i am. to notice me. i was crying out for help. help that i didn't get for 4 years, when i needed it the most then. looking back, i made a big mistake. i didn't know what it would do to people until my mom found out i tried to kill myself in school. that's where i was caught. the social worker took me to therapy. i promised myself after that, that i would never..ever..try again. i've thought about it plenty of time after that, but i never tried again. it stopped the suicide attemps. i stopped the cutting through sheer will power.

so if you're in the same place i was, right now. turn around. you're making a big mistake.
...............its never too late.

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Now I've read this 1 year too

Now I've read this 1 year too late.... And now I know that the cut wasn't an accident -_- lol Guess I have let you down before, huh? ~Seraphim~

Post Tenebras Spero Lucem

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No, you haven't. you've never let me down. I let myself down.