Wasting Sickness

Good people have been inspired

To do some awful things

We, as the survivors

Are left with nothing but excuses


Just a void in space

We have to call home

Even though this place

Is not entirely our own


Hiding between shadows

Like cockroaches 

Licking the boots of the elite

Who scoff and torment us


Tired of the tyrants

Who twist and squirm

I’ll put a hammer to the anvil

And watch this world burn




Continue on like this



Wait around for death


We won’t be forgotten by the sun

Who shines it’s light to the dark hallways of my mind

I can see the future

Inside of your eyes

Don’t blink 

Or it’ll all be over

Don’t think


Just react or you’ll miss it completely

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Always A Pleasure

to read you. :) slc



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yup. forgot how much i enjoy your work

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