I am the embodiment of the broken war

The dying light of a closing door

I have always dreamed of being something more

Than the last piece of the puzzle left forgotten on the floor


Their eyes are not open

But they want to lead

Too many mistakes

Too many casualties

Sometimes were better off without you

You have no fucking clue


The spirits pull at my sleeves

Begging me never to leave

Stories unheard

Dreams of discord


And like clockwork the sun sets

But I can’t ever rest

I have to know

I always have to know

Will I wake up tomorrow


Why won’t these scars scab over

Burning flesh permeates the air

An open wound left unattended

In the dark corners of the cellar

Why won’t these scars scab over

I’ve done my fair share of redemption

I’ve given everything I have

Just to find an answer to these questions


There’s always more questions


And never any answers

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The World In Small

  • Thank you for this one. The rhythms of the world reverberate through the rise and fall of the voice. Nice. - slc