Shaman's Dance


Sweat dripping down her face

I can feel her heart pounding

As my lips press against the surface


Head tilting back from pleasure

Every inch that I kiss

Sends her further into a trance

Induced serenity


Forgetting all the pain and the lies

She's endured along the way

Such a gorgeous sight

As I make my way down

Down, down, down


As I dance on the edge with my tongue

Her mind caves in

Legs kicking out

Groaning uncontrollably


Fingers dance with the shamanistic rhythm

As the bass drums beat with our hearts

And the fires from the candles sing in tune

She screams for me to be inside of her

I comply

And my hands grip around her throat

Squeezing tighter as my pace intensifies

Her legs wrap around me for a minute or two

Screaming words to curse yet out of pleasure


I flip her around while still inside of her

And I pull on her hair so her head faces the ceiling

The feeling is so intense

I don't know if I can hold it in any longer

I flip her again

Slap her across the face

Shove it it all in her mouth

Every last bit is swallowed

And she leaves nothing out


Author's Notes/Comments: 

First erotic poem I've done. I felt like doing a different style today.

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to see you trying new style. I should write one from a woman's perspective - but it is not my style. :D