Guilt Free

Who the fuck would care if the weak perished

So long as our pockets are full of useless paper

This guilt free pandemic of isolation

Passed down from generations


I fucking hate humanity

Ignorance is their only defense

Consuming useless shit

That only brings us closer

To our biggest fears





Maybe if I push a weaker soul

In front of a moving train

My life would be worth more

Maybe my life would be spared


In this systematic paranoia

Everything seems so clear

But I know the suffering

Of the man behind the mirror


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Utopian and fair to all is the dream, but we compromise and this is the result. We don't want 1984, we want designer everything and the weaker souls are about to take a hit with the proposed national budget. If he touches social security, I'm going to Washington, D.C. for the One-Woman protest. Papable cynicism - vibrant and expressive of evil as a thing. - slc