When shadows close in

I feel the warmth of your words

I know they're untrue

Just a reflection of what I want to hear

When silence disconnects us

The fraction of hate displaces

All source of light


You're just another fake

Trying to take my place

Steal my pride

And smear it in lies

I don't have time for this

Just take what you will

And leave me the fuck alone

You'll never be better than me


The dopple is always weak

Just an imperfect clone of a shattered man

Another nightmare

In the precipace of light

I'll fucking end our life

If you return to my mind

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jade's picture

I don't usually enjoy poetry

I don't usually enjoy poetry that doesnt rhyme, only because rhyming is my style but this one is well written and i understood and enjoy the meaning behind it. Great work.

Carcass's picture

Thank you so much, I'm glad

Thank you so much, I'm glad you could find appreciation in it. I usually do have some sort of rhyming structure in my poems/songs, this one is an odd one out. 

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I Hear This Poem

"...leave me the fuck alone..." Confession: I was thinking about dopplegangers yesterday or the day before and thought the phrase with fuck in it - just this morning. Damn I'm as jammed up as the character in this poem. And I think we all are issuing eviction notices. - ;D ~a~