Can you be the cure to my depression

Every day I struggle to wake up

Every night I fall asleep thinking

I haven't done enough


I've tried to get away from myself

Day after day its another mistake

Accumulates on my shoulders

And my back is about to break


No one needs to share my suffering

I will only drag you down

Hold you back

And return to you nothing that you deserve

Even though I'm marked by darkness

I hope that one day you'll see the light of my face


It's impressive how destructive depression can be

Especially when you are at your happiest

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Damn right dude, its the

Damn right dude, its the strong struggle. Often its so dark you forget youre coropreal. Bring the light my friend.

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Its been said...

As above, so below.  Find a balance between ecstacy and agony.  Get to know yourself, for you are the only one that can make you happy.  Take up a great undertaking and study the mysteries of the universe that appeal to you.  Be good sir, you deserve happiness! 

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Thank you

But people with depression get depressed for no reason and its a mental health issue that people don't address as often as they should.

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An Old Friend

Interesting thing about depressed people is they don't always know it, i.e., PMS, PTSD. I agree - happiness and depression can coexist; attention to it is often difficult because Denial puts the D in depression. - allets -