There's fucking hate in my heart

And I can't tear it out

There's no getting rid of it

Because I want it to stay

The anger fuels my veins

Gives me strength to fight the day

And keep my guard up at night

The beatings are getting worse

As my dreams suffer

Slowly changes from a spark to a flame

Snuff the light so I may burn in darkness

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Well, to me religion is a

Well, to me religion is a form of crowd control to enslave the masses, but that's just me. I think sins are relative. Whenever people start to shy away from the "main" religion, a new one is born to subjugate the people who resist. There is no seperation of church and state. All of our laws are based on the current religion.

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Civilizations without religions would have been fairly dull and mostly bloodless. Aaaah - The Crusades! ~a~ 



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You don't see atheists or

You don't see atheists or buddhists mass killing people in the name of some scapegoat.  Much safer place without gods

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Anger can be fuel to

Anger can be fuel to be productive, while depression is mostly just sinking in the self-destructive. Good write sir.

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So Glad U R An Upbeat Guy

These are character studies. Anger can motivate, hate eats the hated and the hater. Beware those seven cardinal sins. :D




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I do not believe in sin, but

I do not believe in sin, but thanks. I am not going to agrue about it either. Bye.