Sometimes in my mind

I tend to go over the edge

Sometimes I find the monster instead

I wish I could meet you outside of my head

So it wouldn’t be pretend

Wouldn’t you like to be my friend?


Once again I don't understand

How we managed to make it this far

My mind is under siege

By inconsistencies

I wonder if I'll be alright

the next time you come around


There is a bitter man inside

And a better one out there

I'm a little disturbed inside

And I don't fucking care what you think

I'm a little disturbed inside

And I don't want to leave right now


My mind is playing tricks on me again

I've got a long way to go to be able to pretend

That it doesn't affect me

To be able to pretend that I'm not

A menace to society

Its just who I am

I've come to terms with who we are

Even if we're both a little off

I don't need medication

I don't want to stay sane 

If it means you won't stay with me

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I Always Get A Boost

Reading you. Must love poets means she'll stay : D. Allets



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Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy reading my work so much. I've updated it to go along with my song.