Locked in Place

I keep expecting something

To come from nothing

Which is all I ever had


I've been chasing ghosts for far too long

Eventually I'll find something

Or someone


I've been wasting so much time

Regretting everything and everyone I left behind

But my head is locked in place

And I can't look back

To reconcile my mistakes


The voices inside my head

Keep telling me

There's something far better ahead

I don't believe it

I can feel the pulse of your hopeless heart

Beating faster as it turns to stone

This is not how I envisioned

My dream would come undone

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Believe it..

There Is something better ahead

Copyright © morningglory

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"I don't believe it." YES! Locked in is what happens when past gets glued to the future and you get sandwiched. Like this one - been there. Like a deep hole self dug, eventually you get out. :D Wishing you peace and advancement possibilities for the holiday - slc