Cerebral Malfunction


Shadows overlap

In a blissful pattern

Pitch black coalition

Cerebral malfunction

Left in the cold gardens

Of a misenthropic wasteland

Devoid of any sense of purpose

Imprinted demons and angels

Stare with unrelenting agony

Anxious calls for relief

Screams fall deaf on the world above

They don't match mine


Sometimes the blood doesn't wash away

Sometimes I forget who I am

Sometimes forgiveness is not an option

But then I see stains from your heart on my hands


The better half of me

Never understands the consequences of empathy

Frozen in denial

In front of a menial and mundane snow-covered sundial

The scene is suicidal

As much as I desecrate myself on this land

As much as it pains me to keep breathing

From a twist of fate bred in my chest cavity

I won't fucking die

Be my savior and seperate my soul from this hollow lie

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I Have A Copy

of Stoker' Dracula off the shelf. Our immortal could be central character in this poetry offering - allets - 




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Never read any of the

Never read any of the Dracula's actually, so unfortunately I don't have a reference to base your comment on D: but I could see how it could be a tale of Dracula!  Thanks for reading!