Domestic War (warning: vulgarity)

Fight the tyrants

For all the children

Whose fear leaves them in bed

Can't you see

It's gone to their heads

Forever lost

Monuments in a bodybag



The weak and the weary


Innocent of pity

This is war

It's how we survive

This is war

I can't stand another night


Piece by piece the foundations are cracking

Weakened by the secrets still hiding

We all know

You're a fucking pig

Your fake ass smile

Your cocksucking grin

We'll leave your cold body outside

A testament that we faught back

I hope you rot under this earth

It's far less than you fucking deserve


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We are reading 'The Freedom

We are reading 'The Freedom Writers Diary' in my class, and this poem reminds me of it so much. How gangs fight and most don't care for one another. Nice poem!

Life is one hard thing to get...

Carcass's picture

Thank you

I never thought of it as being a gang related poem, but it definitely works. I always enjoy seeing others' opinions and how they perceive it. I originally intended it to be about domestic abuse and violence, but I like your take on it better I think.

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saw the vulgarity warning

So u no I had 2 read it. By pp standards - TA M E. One powerful write! - allets



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Haha glad that was a

Haha glad that was a hook-line for you :p maybe I'll use it again to disappoint you in the amount of vulgarity.