You are a sanctuary for undelivered souls

A paradigm lost upon scorched skin

Marked and Forsaken

A leper whose faith exceeds the rest


Take a knee

And bleed with me

My offering of penitence

I'll tell you why I was denied deliverance


I can't compy

With these restrictions of life

Like cataracts in our eyes

We go fucking blind

I can't comply

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I dig it. Great job!

I dig it. Great job!

**if it's an eye for an eye, then we'll all go blind.**

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Not Sure

Who is being told in this one, but I'm loving repeating the non-compiance protion screaming it at the world entire - Nice rant Carcass! -A-



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The leper/outcast is the

The leper/outcast is the "you" in this piece. And thank you!