Hollow birth, hollow birth

From the bloody womb of mothers' spite

We've been miscreated

Cut the cord of dependency

Ecstatic yet lifeless


So much red stained on rustic walls

Rich and crimson

From the stillborn son


Is this evil?

Or have we become too sensitive

To a primitive reality


Sweet Angel of Slaughter

Teach me to reconfigure

So there is no revocation

Of primordial nature


Let the beast come

To release the abomination

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I watched my mum miscarriage

I watched my mum miscarriage after miscarriage. I also wrote something when I was in my teens that had this feel and this topic behind it (Some school project thing). Anyway, it's very emotive. I like the way you've written it. 

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Thank you, I know its a hard

Thank you, I know its a hard subject to talk about since so many people go through it themselves. Being as a man I can only offer a one-sided perspective.

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You Got The Tone Right

Horrible, but bearable and healing happens. As a metaphor it works even better, stillborn - across so many genres and philosophies and personal experiences. Hard on the eyes and emotions - it works for Halloween ~a~




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Thank you! Sorry it's kind of

Thank you! Sorry it's kind of depressing

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After Pay TV

shock value is hard to come by - and pix of war aftermaths - blood on the walls has become a symbol for this time - women live with blood most of their lives, theirs, others - it's a life theme. In search of contentment :D ~a~