I will not hang my head in despair

I am not ashamed of the monster in here

Like twisted lines trapped in a stillframe

A permanent collection of the insane displayed

I am not ashamed to live this way


This medication I am given

Attempts to null all reason

Foggy eyes, cloudy vision

Self awareness is not a part of living

Walking a path with no destination

Am I even alive devoid of emotion


Kill me now I'd rather be dead

Than living in hell

What are you asking of me

What could you possibly want

With a man lost in a corrupt reality


Endless contortions protruding from my spine

I was not manufactured to withstand the test of time

Faces and places

Mean nothing to me

Lesions, no reasons

For this picture to be complete

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Good gracious...this is

Good gracious...this is beautiful. The rhythm in this is insane. Just like your poem "Grey" it flows with this darken web of words that I lust for. Frickin great write.

**if it's an eye for an eye, then we'll all go blind.**

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Such praise, thank you.  It

Such praise, thank you.  It means a lot that you like my lyrics!  Means I'm doing something right ^^