Broken Promises


I wish I could forget

Forget the self-inflicted scars

Imposed from an internal war


You were dragged down

By the weight of my guilt

Trapped in the world I have built


Is this my punishment

Punishment for never saying goodbye

I wish I could mend the war-torn sky

A broken promise is still a lie

But my word alone is not enough

To change this life

A promise is not enough

To end the lies

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Still a work in progress, here is all the progress I made today.

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truthintragedies's picture

I'm liking where this is

I'm liking where this is going. "Self inflicted scars" <3 <3

**if it's an eye for an eye, then we'll all go blind.**

allets's picture

One fine line

"...A broken promise is still a lie..." On the other hand, Carcass, the break-up mentioned brings the tale pretty full circle. ~a~