Winter nights calling at your doorstep

Haunting voices, cocaine lines

Thoughts already of your own funeral

Will they remember

You were sane once upon a time


You are staring right past me in this plane

Frozen white clouded eyes

I am drifting away


Break the barriers enthralling your mind

You push right past me in despair

Torment raging inside

Don't leave me in here


You are not the only voice who cries in pain

A gun to your head

Is a threat to my vanity

I won't let it end this way

Pictures of the past mock you

In your room

Glass shatters as you stumble

To reach the finish line

The sound of a gun cocked

The sound of a gun shot




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This reminds me of a grittier

This reminds me of a grittier version of A Team by Ed Sheeran with more vivid imagery.... it's really pretty great!!

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I don't think I have ever

I don't think I have ever read that before. I'll have to go read it to see what you are comparing me to haha.  Glad you enjoyed :)

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Strong Felt Images

"...a gun to your head/is a threat to my vanity..." Whew - powerful write. ~allets~



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Thank you, always great to

Thank you, always great to hear your comments.  This is what happens when I try not to write about dark things.  Started off good enough, but yeah.  The writer took over the mind.