This Parasite of Mine

As I inhale this air

I hear my demons speak

Inbred vicarious desires

Begging for release

It calls to me when I am weak

My plutonic parasite

An unavoidable attraction

Fruitions into plight


The smog that bellows in my lungs

Originates from a putrid smile

So familiar yet haunting and bleak

Leaves a taste in my mouth so fucking vile


You may sing to me

But I find more beauty

In a decomposed corpse

Tell me what is worse

The parasite or the

Willing, unforgiving host

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i_Am_GraziE's picture

Such striking words.. Love it

Such striking words.. Love it

"Dont judge me by my past, i dont live there anymor

Incompl's picture

Smog Bellows

Enjoyed this one very much x

Let your teeth show

Carcass's picture

Thank you for reading! :D

Thank you for reading! :D

allets's picture

Beautiful Corpses, Batman!

Halloween approaches just about everyday now. Macabre write -A-