The dead they call to me

I can hear them in my dreams

I am the sorceror and with the alchemy

The resurrection

Which led me to fall

Victim to obsession


Mistakes led me here

A castle in the sand

Foundations built on glass

Watch the towers fall to ash

A rose among the filth

Distracts me


The fallen call to me

But not the one I seek

The age of hell is upon us

The souls of the departed

Stare at me in judgement


Their eyes

They are here

For me



For me

Their voice

Why are they

So alluring?

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Prophetic Verses

When Americans revolt -- due to lack of food and jobs -- such verse will have high relevance. Hunger and Hell stare from the shadows, from dark meadows fire follows. 1% of US born hold 90% of the wealth presently. Oh my! ~slc~




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That's awesome how you

That's awesome how you interpreted it.  I love writing vague because people come to me with totally different interpretations than what I've originally intended.  I like your interpretation better than mine! Thanks!