Whispering Ghosts


I hear your screams, I just don't care

Your burdens are yours to keep

Silent whispers in my ear

No need to disturb the pieces


You call my name

But I can't

No I won't

Be bothered

No I won't


Your departure


Broken bodies in a ditch

Crashing cars just for a fix

I'm not your fucking witch

Won't hear your dying wish


Any last words

Before I take you

Away from this place?


You're just a blister in my head

A bloody concubine

You have no burial place

And you'll never take mine


I hear the whispered voices in my mind

I feel the claws ripping inside

You fucking ghosts beg for release

So why the hell do you torment me

Just a bunch of broken pieces on the floor


Never to be something more

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truthintragedies's picture

Chills. Literal goosebumps.

Chills. Literal goosebumps. This is amazing. You portrayed your passion and hatred/rage so perfectly to me. 

**if it's an eye for an eye, then we'll all go blind.**

Carcass's picture

Thank you :) that means a

Thank you :) that means a lot. I was in a very odd place when I wrote this one, I'm glad you like it.

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Two Sided Coin

Love in hate, life in pain, inexplicable ecstasy in purgatory. The rant as a curse, interesting and disturbing. Move over Poe. ~allets~




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I'm glad I could satisfy the

I'm glad I could satisfy the dark touch for you!