Ice Cream, Dreams/ I won't forget

It wastes away

A time long past

I knew it could never last


The flower blooms

only to wither and die

and spit out a lie

of times to come

oh you'll go great places

It is all merry


But I won't forget

no I Will not forget


The sky bluer

The grass greener 

The air fresher

nothing mattered


ice cream


hope for the world

people are good

but then that all got unfurled








But I won't forget.

No I won't forget



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bluer skies, I long for but

bluer skies, I long for but sometimes the earth needs rain


Yer poem resonates with me

Copyright © morningglory

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I Am working on an idea for a poem about luck vs choices framed by the concepts inside free will and God as not corporeal. I will explore opposites. This poem crystallized a few things. Thanks for posting  ~allets~