Flash fiction story

Sitting alone on the coffee shop, Robert,  thinking about his mistakes, about how sad he has been lately, about everything bad he has done and also about how bad his marriage has been because of him. Trying to getting calm he starts to listen to the other people, he starts to pay attention to what other are doing or talking about.


While he is doing this, he realices that there is a Little kid, like 5 or 6 years old, very humble, sitting there with his mom and dad. He notices that they are talking about how they are going to pay they accounts this month, that they dont have enough money now because Petter, the parent, has lost his job. Robert  sees them very happy, even if they are having problems.


I should be happy like them, i should not give too much importance to my problems, they can be solved. – Robert thought


Immediatly he started to get ideas of how he can solve his problems. He asked for a pen and a sheet of paper to the waitress and began to make a list, in which firstabble he got, in one part all the problems he have and in other part he began to write posible solutions.

While he was in the coffee shop, near and still listening to the family talking about their issues, he started to feel bad about listening to their conversation because suddenly the couple started to fight about bullshit. Aparently they have had some troubles because of him losing his job, Robert thought that he could help them because in the Company he has beeen working for years there was some available job positions he could offer to him, because he seems to be a good person and also someone who likes to work.


Robert could not just arrive to the table and day ¨hey i have been listening to your conversation the last half hour and i would like to offer you a job because i know you got some economical problems¨, because is disresfectfull to do that, we should not be listening to others conversations. But he didnt have another choice, he didnt know how to get to their table and do a noble act, offer him a job that he really needs, that will help them a lot and they will aprecciate it. So Robert took some courage and he got up from the table, he started to walk to theirs and felt a Little scary about how they could react.


When he turned up in their table he was paralyzed. He didnt know how to start the conversation so he said the first thing that came into his mind.


Good afternoon, my name is Robert and i have been siting in the next table like since a half hour ago- he said

Nice to meet you, my name is Petter and she is my wife Lupita, how can we help you mister? – Petter answered a Little bit confused

 Excuse me, im sorry if you both get a Little mad about what im going to say, but i have been listening to your conversation and I want to help you get that job you lost, i dont want to sound innapropiate but in my Company we got some available spaces that you could be interested about – Robert said

Are you kidding me? – Petter very surprised answered

No why should i be kidding you? – Robert said

Because well, you dont know us, I could be a serial killer and you want to hire me.- answered immediatly

Well ive been listening to you because it caught my attention the happiness you have as a family even if you got your own problems. Ive been listening to your conversation for like a half hour and i would like to help you both get ahead in this difficoult time you are going through. Here is my number, if you are interested call me and we can see where we can meet for your job interview. – Robert gave him his card, said goodbye and left.



When he arrived to his home he was totally changed, he realices the problema wasnt in his house, he should just try to be a better person, help others and that will bring you joy. HIs wife was a Little bit concerned about his behabior and asked what happened. They started to have a nice conversation that they hadnt have since some weeks ago. He found happiness in his good actions.  

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