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Monterrey N.L. Mexico

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Im a Mexican 20 years old lady, my name is Gabriela Calzado. Im from ciudad Victoria but I´ve been living in Monterrey since approximately 3 years ago because im studying in the Tecnologico de Monterrey the major of Publicity and Communication.
Lately I´ve been really interested about poetry, romantic poetry to be honest. I also love to spend time with my family, watch movies and paint.

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Lately ive been reading and learning a little bit of romantic poetry. The poets i like the most are Shakespear, England’s favourite literary son is the undisputed king of romantic poetry. Some may resent him, having been taught his works in school, but once you delve into the richness of his poems and sonnets, you’ll discover timeless wisdom and beauty. Shall I compare thee is possibly the most famous love poem of all times. I algo like Pablo Neruda, The Nobel laureate Chilean poet is best known for his erotically charged love poems. Published when he was only 19, Twenty Poems of Love and a Song of Despair, was hugely successful and caused quite a stir. Since then it’s sold million of copies and has been translated into practically every language under the sun. And Emily Dickinson In spite of her reclusive lifestyle or perhaps because of it, Emily Dickinson’s romantic writing is full of passion and longing. Considered eccentric in her Massachusetts town for always wearing white and refusing to receive guests, she wrote many volumes of poetry, most of which were published after her death. Poems like If you were coming in the fall show her rich inner world that stood in sharp contrast to her lonely life.
Those 3 are my favorite.


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