Grandpa I miss you so much, I would give anything so you wouldn’t be gone

There are so many memories of me and you, like the time you were in your scooter and I caught it as you started to fall towards the lawn

You weren’t mad at me in fact as I struggled to keep you up and was crying you said it was okay

That happened a long time ago but I remember it like it was yesterday

On Friday a little while after I got back home from the hospital I sat in the recliner in front of the TV

I looked to the left and saw the empty seat where you used to sit next to me

Papa I miss you so much

I would give away anything to hear you tell jokes and call me Dutch

I miss the hilarious times when you would stink the house up

I miss the times when you yelled at missy to shut up

I miss all the times when you would stick out your teeth

I miss all the times of walking in and seeing your smiling face after hearing the singing Christmas Reith

I wish we could have a small fight about the price is right

When I last saw you Friday and saw the monitor and thought you looked okay

I thought this would pass over and I would get to see your heart warming smile another day

Not far after our prayer the day took an unexpected turn

I walked in your room and saw you unconscious and my eyes started to burn

I thought why is this happening, you did nothing wrong

Yes you have a bad temper but with your family is where you belong

It’s so hard to let go but I know it’s what is best

You had been through so much now you have time to rest

I know you are with god and walking a healthy man with no needles jabbing your hands like a thorn

There’s no doubt in my mind that you’re in heaven, because the stubbornness that I love about you created Saturdays storm

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I know your prob reallly

I know your prob reallly tired of hearing this, but im very sorry for your loss. :(
I know what its like to loose someone that your really close too. I was real close to my Grandma.
This Feb will be the 5th year that shes been gone. It really messed me up the 1st year. But it eased a little. But i still miss her dearly, and wish she was with me today. She is apart of me, as your Papa is to you. You truely loved and cared for him, as i did my Grandma. May they both be in heavon, talking and looking down from the sky, watching over us with smiles on their faces. :)
If you need someone, im here, if you need to talk, vent or just need somebody to listen to you,
im here hon. :) Stay strong.