the gods

how the gods did point out the foolishness within their heart
each beating calling to a different drum never failing to hear its sound
falling on their backs into the water, into the depths they did drown
and how the Greeks knew this, for they wrote about it
passing on trinkets of lovely truth, but forgetting them all the time
never knowing what it was they were leaving out
show me where in their beautiful stories they had a God of unconditional love

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nowhere, but

their belief in many gods, all of them "human-like" in their emotions and actions, did explain the existence of evil in their world; they did not have to cope with our question of "why do bad things happen to good people."

Thoughtful poem, like it!

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Dear B, imho, the Greeks were

Dear B, imho, the Greeks were kicked out of India for their militaristic ways. The Hindu trinity, despite what many
pastors in the West say, isn uncodntionally loving one.