Down I go, down a little road... A little road that never ends, twists and turns and makes me sick.


You pick me up, you throw me down

Wrapping a stone around my feet, making me drown


Witchcraft, warcraft ---- synapse


SSRI SNRI sneeze and sly


Don't you see what you've done to me, you're like a flea always taking and never giving anything but lyme disease in return..


Pace me fast, pace me slow --- you destroy my soul


It has been many years since we first met, but I remember well the first... The first time you took my down into your bedroom


Prozac couldn't even fix the mess you caused, you made me cry --- with tears that felt, nothing more than vibrations to which I was unaware...



Placid pallor, placate valor... Command my soul, direct my tower... Power flower...


Peace and prosaic master mason, making craft and hasten fasten...


Listen last and power glass, you rolled my eyes and made me flash...


Peace and power, pace and flower... Mode and mist of master fowler, trip and trust... Tie to dust



My feeble frame, to senseless mantras that carry me 1000 miles away, light years to stay..


Pace and play, rock and paint...


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"Placid pallor, placate valor..."

There it is! Inside all the message, a summary line. Do partners ruin us or do we allow it complictly? Hmmmm. :D slc