Just a rambling

To the light of the force that resides within our frame.



Though there is a sullen light caught within the framework of our mind, a flickering cost of brine and reasons unknown leaves me without a doubt mad in the most absolute sense of the word.


When I consider the cost of my life and what led me to the point upon which I stand, I simply marvel at the fact that I am still breathing.


The cost of the rain has been heavy and though I seek refuge the light will not allow me to hide from the spirits that seemingly haunt me both day and night.  I no longer put up a fight I just allow myself to flow with their confessions and try to understand the underlying verbs and adjetives so that I may better respond to myself of course.



If then you seek to find a way were time has gone in the time of the fray I spay your light with modal disertation and make myself honest and callous about all things pertaining to mindless bable of the forces of reason.  There are but 2 types of coward, the one that runs and hides before the answer or the one who hides before even knowing there were an answer to his foul commencement of reaons.  Power struggles often placate the indexes of my mind with trusts and reasons that have no open nor close and simply are happy to rest on totals and flows that have no end.  That being said I have had a great many experiences that lead me to believe that telepathy is real however it only works when people are in tune to each others thoughts.  Like that moment shared between you and the one you love, you can almost feel their very spirit (unless you have no common ties).... I only use this as an example as this is not a prose about love, it is simply a measure or course of reason through deductive logic that I have arrived at.  Now that time and I have settled the debt I will continue on in my merry wonderland.



Nice time Bob, can't you make a better reason for your mind to take hold of the roots that we gave you in the lab.  No, Terry, I think there is a better answer for all of us and......





Such is the flow of the circuit within my mind, anyone ----want to write together??? maybe, no one ever seems to like to do that--- 






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Hey Dallas

Happy Thanksgiving. Hope all is well - Stella 



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Nice to hear, to know you're

Nice to hear, to know you're near


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This I have experienced on a large scale. There were just too many I could hear at the same time and that really confused the shit out of me. Now their voices all echo in my mind. I'm much further away from them all this time.


Wanna write together? I could give it a try. It's been a while since I wrote with one of my fellow postpoemies. Could be a good exercise. 

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