first light

first light of a new era, first night with the old spirit

how i see your dawning light, the dawn of an eternity

the mirrors of flickering candlelight, fading in the ebb of time

pace quickens, my heart enchanted by the feilds of grey

learned men with quicker pens than I, though smiles are mine

the smell of the lake fills the air, a cool breeze touching your hair

fray and distorted we walk along the beaches, eye to eye we met

disarray and dispondance are your friends, though harm not the intent

mother, she works a calling to the wren, listing - falling further

faceless wonder of the night, I see your morning light

cover me with your feathers, bring me to flight

listen to the day and night

old seige of the angels

broken cords

faithless hordes


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Angels Seiging

I have a fondness for angels as avengers. - allets -