female attributes

your eyes are like the water glistening in the sunlight and reflecting all that they see

i walk with you though your heart belongs to someone else, an ocean of love you are

make me see your heartfelt resourcefulness and we will liken to your calling


making the most of every moment you can do anything your heart desires

I set my sights on your beautiful face and angellic wings to heavy dips of derision

though every dip is another opportunity to bring us out of the laughing moments that tear us apart


We make you our difficult task, we make you our subtle joy and seek to know you more

Please carry me on your prayers and keep me close at night, though we are worlds apart

Masterful and wondering every creation plundering the feast of a madman yet always a sad man


Will you come to my home and make a child with me,  I always wanted a daughter

Emish/ma is her name and she has blue eyes and golden hair, will you help me find her

I know you are tired of me and have nothing to hope for, built upon my failure I try


Wishful thinking never takes my eyes off of yours,  I cannot stop thinking about you

Lovely lady Lenor the only person my heart truly understands, I wish for better days

Better creation within your heart and making all the peices fit together


Together, Together, Together


We walk

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Great Image!

"...to heavy dips of derision..."