Firstly I would call to order an irrelevance; the introspective peculiarity of love, that machine

This is a firstly, not lastly, found peice of intellegence that speaks obscurity into my indecision

Which was the order talking about in that book, the testament of the new founded wisdom of man

Praises go forth from the mouth of the weary but their soul desires no change because they fail also

This goes on under the sun but no one truly understands why, I am not saying that I do but I try

Many people call to the occasion but rarely understand what wise men spend their whole life searching for

The beauty of a woman is like a flower in the field that never withers because her body displays its color

Winds sweep the grass of her field and carry the scent of a songbird reaching for the intense kalidescopic colors

We want to keep our pace with every other but knowing love can elude the finest minds, and keep them

Presupposition kills any chance you have of making a connection with another, for the mind believes what it says

Keep the colors vibrant and distorted so that no one can glare directly upon your spirit, like staring at the sun

What do you see when you stare at me, a pile of discontent ramblings or another day I used to live like now

Believe your own intent, see you have me caught in your kindling and I see you holding the match maybe I should say

Maybe the mouth should remain shut as I dump more words on the page to fill some sort of primal desire to move


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Nice Wordsmithing

Like glue, reader gets stuck to the images and the multiple river's rushing from the bard - allets -




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Thank you for your comments

Thank you for your comments :)