Cast away and blinded, the diamond you saught was cracked and poorly reflected the light you so desired.  The only thing left to do is reset your bearings and try again for the power is unbounded by empathy, what is truth anyway.


Reflections of a soul desiring more but reaching low places in this mindful landscape we call humanity.  I trusted you and became convinced that it was you that would provide a delightful response, afterall we cannot have anything without the thirst to attain it.  My confidence lacks peace, who can deliver such a thing to a man.  Will the music ever stop?  I never really cared for it anyway... it just erodes my mind! Like the rain it builds veins in sand yet dries up and leaves a mark that cannot be easily removed, worse yet the flood brings the river to crest and then recedes.


Some tangent left me there that day, when man picked me up and told me he was in control of my destiny for that moment. His revolver firmly locked and loaded, ready to fire but then he told my father that I was his son and that we needed to love each other.  I was completely spellbound with fear, for part of me wanted to hear someone tell my father what he needed to hear but the other part knew my father was also ready to pull.  What the hell has happened to this world that it should come to this. 


Faith, I

Little, tie

Hopes, lie

In my      t  i  t  l  e  s --- dreams, hopes, lies


sow, my

faith, lie

little by, little

I know, my finding

Made my, little ties

To my, idle I wish why?

Know my order, failing



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"Like the rain it builds veins in sand" - nice image - allets -