Take My Soul, To Take Her To You

When last scythe swept your needs away


And i sat right there


Tears on eyes to play


Saw you caught up i don't know where


And the shock struck through


A sudden bolt to saddened bones


Eyewittness to something i hate to prove


To relay starless news, a thing i begged against to lose.


Wailings in my head


Seek mouth as a key


Voice hoarse with hope a burning thread


Still my sore-shot eyes plead to see


Clear pattern.


A quickling path i trail to gold


A learning i could soul-learn


A wanting sheep to be lulled


I need to know


I need to know


Cause these long years i haven't known


Here i am through vigil night body, tired thrown






Respeak all the sins away


Washed in the blood, enough to fill the bay


Why can't i pay?


The last roots grown so deep chokheld my heart's breath to pain


Hold me while i stay.


Hope to feel my feet unumb


Run aside


Hear my lover's steps, her voice become undumb


Let go of my deepest pride


Take me now i beg thee


Break me down till i see


Shake me from hell, i seek her to be freed


Take her now


Take her now


I kneel, knees to pound


Take her now


I am broken and fallen down




Take her to shine


Please Please Please

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