Imperfect Perfection Part II

The way that you call me a bitch,

Just because I can see the real you.

I fucking hate you, you insecure fucker.

The way that you lied to me to make me fall for you,

Just because you can't be win a girl's heart through honesty.

I fucking hate you, you liar.

The way that you made love to me like you loved me,

And I pretended you'd made the earth move (even though you didn't) just to save your feelings.

I fucking hate you, you slut.

The way that you came into my house and pretended to be part of my family,

And pulled the wool over all of our eyes just like everyone else before you.

I fucking hate you, you two faced bastard.

The way that you look at me like you'd fuck me right here, right now,

Even though you can't actually be arsed when I'm in the mood.

I fucking hate you, you teasing whore.

All these things about you - I hate.

You're everything that I want.

You're everything I despise.

And that's why I'll always be here,

Falling into your imperfect perfection.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I hate him.

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