Where Is My Period?

How is it - that I keep finding myself in the midst

Of such grammatically incorrect situations?

Instances that are so often fragmented with incomplete thoughts

OBliterated with the wrong prepositions

ADlibbed in the wrong verb tense

With absolutely NO subject verb agreement

To support the validity of MY direct object?

And how did all of these damn comma splices get in here?

The wrong man in my life?

A comma splice..

The wrong friend in my life?

A comma splice…

The wrong situation at the wrong time in my life?

A damn comma splice…

Where   is   my   period?!

Who was given the authority to place an “S” at the end of MY situation?

Why is it that my situationssssssssssss continue to evolve into instances

That just keep going - and going - and going

Until my subject is lost

My thought is no longer complete

My verb no longer has any action

And my direct object has been compromised into an INdirect object?

Ridiculed by adjectives and adverbs

Complicating my simplicity with conjunction

After conjunction – after conjunction

I never asked to be compositioned or rewritten

I just want to be understood

There is no need to define me

Or analyze me

By misappropriating my representation

With synonymous terminologies

Why do you insist on trying to read in between the lines

When you can’t seem to comprehend what’s written ON the line

Dammit - I AM THE LINE

Where   is   my   period?!

If you cannot articulate

Then you and I will NEVER be able to communicate

And if you continue to improperly punctuate

Then you and I will NEVER be able to conjugate

The true essence of our characters will never unfold


Because the power of composing

Resides within the significance of The Period

And without The Period…

How can the possibility of new beginnings

Ever exist without an end?


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9inety's picture

an amazing piece of art

would love too hear this read by the poet

"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot