Typing eh

Typing eh


What are you doing

I’m writing


I’m typing

Typing eh

Now stop wasting


And find real job

Like all people do

But this is my job

This gonna be published

People will read it

It will sell

And I will be paid

Now who you kidding


No no

It will

It will

I’m telling you

Stop wasting time

Get rid of that

Crap of yours

Get serious

Look around

And see how

People live

Go get some job

In some factory

From nine till five

Get paid

And pay your bills

What do you think

Who gonna read that

Father left

I stood for second

What do I need

To be happy

To be me

I turned and start

To typing again

About those people

That works in



From nine to five

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Throw of the die

If you are lucky and innovative and a firebrand of self marketing, you may succeed as a writer and make money from it. But you need a gig (to support your writing expenses). And to eat. :D - Stella



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exactly.....oooo in what kind

exactly.....oooo in what kind of world do we live....:) art for living is blessing to seomeones...