Take a close look

This is what you

Supposed to be

And you heard it 

From me

Narrowed mind

That is not hard

To find

Doing what is told

Shaped in mold

Ask no questions

Fear from intervention

You gonna be taught

What to read

Hear or speak

Of course from

Mind of great leader

Until you recognize

The cause

Of one utilitarian


Emerged from few

With strong wish

For ruling

Over masses

In the name of 


Taking from poor

And giving to rich

So from you is

Expected to be

Good soldier in

That machinery

Threatening others

Like scum

And care only

For cause

And full pocket

Cars and apartments

Now because

I’m properly pissed

I won’t you let

To become like that

So listen carefully

Maybe this is

Your only chance

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Politics As Unusual

is one of my poetry headings. This is just that - and optimism reigns in the ending. - allets



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