Bombed youth

Bombed youth


I was nineteen

Scared to death

When sirens

For airstrike sounded

Their mighty horn

On TV nothing but

Stupid movies

Stupid politicians

With their stupid talk

In the air just noises

Of bombers

And rockets

Trying to hit that


And horrible sounds

Of bombs exploding


I didn’t want to leave


My parents and sister too

We thought that we 

Are safer

Than in shelter

Now cartoon was on TV

No sounds of bombers

Bombs or rockets

I finally went to bed

But cant sleep

From shaking

Finally I fall into sleep

I begin to dream

Tree with swing on it

On some green place

With blue sky

With no clouds

Suddenly loud explosion

Make me

I fall out from my bed

Onto floor

Building shacken 


Lights went off

Some walls cracked

TV and other stuff

Fall over shelf

My heart wanted

To jump out from

My chests

Sounds of screaming




People on the street


That night was hitted

Army facility

Down my street

With rocket launched

From ship

Miles away

Leaving hole

Big as two football


Some people died that night

Some went cripples

People with families

With children

The only thing next

You can heard is

God help us all

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Terrifying Images

Brings it home - images of buildings crumbling, people screaming, unbelieving - Stella



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terrible, terrible

terrible, terrible just glad they are past