I regret

I regret


From sunshine

Bathed heights

Between pines

And scent of breeze

I came down to

Misty town

Because I wanted

Something more

Much more

Years passed

And I lost my youth

And strength

Between walls

And on streets

Of that town

I forgot my name

Just to be called

By other

I forgot where

I came from

And my history

Just to take

Others as mine

Bones and will


Just for others sake

It was forbidden to me

To sing my songs

And told that

I must sing others

That I must trust

In what they tell me

They told me

How to think

How to live

My own life

Now at the end

I regret

Why I ever left

From that

Sunshine bathed heights

Between pines

With scent of breeze





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Within The Borders

of the poem's scope, we end up where we least suspect good or not so - still the scope is epic and I enjoyed the life-voyage of the speaker - Stella




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thank you:)

thank you:)