Those were movies

Those were movies


Another crappy movie

With good special effects

Downloaded from torrent

And watched on my laptop

Why they stop to even try

What is the point of all

That explosions and car chase

When they can’t write some

Descent screenplay

So many good and young

Actors trapped in bad movies

Bad decisions made by others

When they stop to bother

And let it all to machines

Bad dialogs

Bad sex jokes all the time

Degrading human being

Golden time of Hollywood was

From 40’s till 60’s

Those were movies

Actors could act, sing, dance

But also there are

Some good movies today


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A Guy Once

told me Texas Chainsaw Massacre was his fav movie of all time. Aesthetic is subjective. Badly scripted sci-fy is my bone to pick. I think, good scenery, great costumes, decent editor, no script - it shouda been me! :D




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that may work...but look

that may work...but look something like new Gravity....something like that peace is worth of simple but yet so effective...thanks for reading, cheers