Blindfold on justice

Blindfold on justice


Mostly disturbed

Yet won’t speak

Using spaces

between short words

Pressing left click

Keep staring at screen

Doppler effect

Blindfold on justice

Sharp dagger in th clenched fist

Humanity pushed in the mist

of sober bitterness

Marked twice as a prey

Too scared to move

Claws already tearing apart

War drums at a distance

of ten oil tankers

Gun shells as rattle toys

Chewing roots

At a position of stars

Not too far of extinction

Possible last reliable

To put effort for resort

To lead toward exit

of mindless conflict

Driven by lost souls

Exhausted and betrayed

by the same kind

They promised  a pile of gold

Thin and slippery ice make you


 better watch your steps

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Much To Digest Here

"...Gun shells as rattle toys..." I was arrested by this line and read it four times before continuing to gold and the ice slick. Bravo for the poignant thoughtscape  inside a wonder of economical writing ~allets~




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Thanks a lot...cheers

Thanks a lot...cheers