Imperfect circle

Imperfect circle


You are a mouse

Runnin` around maze

Which walls are  there

by someone else

On their white surface

You only see it’s whiteness

You are a tool

But dumped in hands of others

Blinded and brainwashed

Imperfect circle

Culturally crippled

Bright colors deceive you

Not taught to ask questions

But modeled what to think

and not how

To use less words

and more signs

No stops,

No excuses.

Led to abbeys of immorality

Standing on the stools

Petrified by the mice

You weren’t asked what you want

Only given a check

Acting like motor without coil

Mono faze current

Net attached storage

Cloud binaries

Fifth wheel

Shared as broken sculpture

Cast in scrap iron

Bolted to the ground

Eaten by erosion

Stretched in images of past

Raised on hate

Learned to regret everything

To be ashamed all the time

Not to ask for your belongings

As they are given to others

Numbed by white noise

Played by those who rule

With shallow buried hope

Never to await tomorrow

But land is shaken

And unconsciousness awaken


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I Offer You My Awe

"...Culturally crippled..." - is that like aesthetic absentia? Will return to this one for topical updates from time to time. -A-