Drunk poet

Drunk poet


Why can’t i be that drunk poet

That hangs from bridge

That can’t remember yesterday

That don’t give fuck about tommorow

Why can’t i be that drunk poet

That everybody knows him 

But he only have his poems

Dead letters on paper

No money and soo little fame

That can go everywhere

To roam on worlds globe

But chooses to stay foot

And not to leave that bridge

Not to leave his little life

Not to leave his poems

Drunk poet that for life earn

Only harsh words from others

Becouse his writtings speak truth

Becouse his wisdom is above material

Becouse his dead words is here to stay

To be spoken and red for generations

And told again and again after 

All kings and republics

To be singed as anthems

He don’t care about statue in park

That have his face

That drunk poet just want

To drop burden from his shoulders

Couse this burden start avalanches

That slowly changein the world

That shows unknown and unseen

Reveal all mysteries and secrets

Run down goverments

Stop wars and heal those that are ill

Destroy all borders

Stops all misery and pain

The burden is so heavy

That can only be written

It killin slowly his drunk poet

He is wanishing in mist

I don’t want to be that drunk poet 

My shoulders is too weak for burden

I can’t stand that pressure

I don’t want to be that drunk poet


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nairat's picture

beautiful poem

SmileThis is such a lovely poem!  I must say that I also feel the same.


borbug's picture

Thank you

SmileThank you

KindredSpirit's picture

So True

This message

I read

You speak.

Common ground

I hear.


allets's picture

I Could Be The Drunken Poet

but that bridge haning would be tough and I'm not good with burdens either - still if it would end one war or change one powerful government to help a few refugees, I might reconsider. Great theme - the poet speaks ~allets~




borbug's picture

thanks...but it would be

thanks...but it would be great burden thet will lead you to suicide...tough one for thinking...