From dusk till dawn
We carry on and on
Wasteing our lifes
With cheap drink,drugs and lust
Looseing our minds
Over stuff that were been given
Better burn than fade
New black and white
We slowly wanishing
In city smoke and noise
Stripping our existence to bare bone
We don’t care for tommorow
We choose not to fight
Slide into emptiness and void
Coexisting in vacoom of empty space
Our lifes like dots on paper
Like dust in universe
Ask questions not to be answered
Our shalow minds can’t find way out
Of this maze made for slaves
Future carries nothing for us
We don’t feel nothing
Our numbed faces can tell you all
Just give us enough fun and games
And we will follow you everywhere you want
Lead us as piper did his mouses
Promise us cyties of gold
And we will blinded
By every word you say
Take us over the bridges
Made of empty lies
You don’t need to put
blindfold on our eyes
We trust you by any mean
And even if we die
We still believe in that lie
That driven people
Through centuries
We stand as mass
Rallied by the minority
Chosen by the few
That got spark which
Controls everything
That goes arround
We salute you
We are your zombies
We are your slaves

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KindredSpirit's picture

You are getting there

Better .

But when the time is right

You must fight

For the Freedom you want.

Freedom Is Not Free !


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There is a condensation of systems at work here, whole historical and contemporary thought disciplines posited in brief - the poet sitting behind the bar - spouting bartender accumulated snipets - rather seriously -A-